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Joe Satriani: 3D Concert to Be Screened in Theaters

Aside from a DVD release in both 2D and 3D formats, it looks like the upcoming concert film from Joe Satriani will see a theatrical release in 3-D.

Speaking to Attention Deficit Delirium's Bryan Reesman last week, Satriani said, "I think 500 theaters around the world will get to see this movie in 3-D."

For those that cringe at the idea of 3D, Satch promises the film won't be cheesy. "The other 3D stuff is people leaning into the camera. We didn’t do that, and they purposely laid out the stage a little different than how we would normally do it because they wanted to make sure that there wouldn’t be this gimmicky object poking you in the face all the time, disrupting the feel of the concert. "

You can read more here, and we'll keep you posted when theater dates and locations are available.