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Joe Walsh Streaming New Song, "Lucky That Way"

Legendary guitarist Joe Walsh has just debuted another new track from his upcoming solo album, Analog Man. You can stream "Lucky That Way" at this location, and you can hear a live version in the YouTube clip below.

"Lucky That Way" is a sequel of sorts to "Life's Been Good," another ode by Walsh to his charmed life.

Analog Man, Walsh's first solo album in 20 years, is due out on June 5.

On why it took him two decades to release another solo album, Walsh recently told the U.K.'s Daily Mail, "In 1994 two things happened, the Eagles decided to go back to work and Hell Freezes Over came out and we toured extensively, went around the world a couple of times and I never really got any momentum going in terms of a solo project."

He continued, "The other thing that happened in 1994 was that it was time for me to get sober so I had to reinvent myself and start from the ground up. I had to learn how to deal with life sober because I had trouble dealing with life so I just drank, but that was no longer an option."

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