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John 5 and Guthrie Govan’s Aristocrats Announce One-Night-Only Co-Headlining Show in L.A.

John 5 and the Creatures and the Aristocrats, featuring Guthrie Govan, have announced a one-night-only co-headlining show at 1720 in Los Angeles on Sunday, September 1. The show will be the first John 5 performance following the July 31 release of his new album, Invasion.

"John 5 and the Aristocrats—It doesn't get much better than that," John 5 said in a statement. "It's one show only and you're not going to want to miss it. It's going to be a very exciting night, and definitely one to remember."

Said the Aristocrats, "We always say that anything can happen onstage at an Aristocrats show—and that goes double for a John 5/Aristocrats double bill! We're psyched because the Aristocrats and John 5 are obviously coming at the instrumental rock thing from just completely different angles, and neither one of us is playing it straight down the middle. Should be a fun night for anyone in L.A. who likes their music loud and bent."

Tickets for the show are available here. Special VIP Packages will also be available for John 5 through the guitarist’s webstore.