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Jonathan Egmore unleashes a clutch of destructive riffs while dressed as a plague doctor in this hell-raising black-metal playthrough

You could take a pretty educated guess as to the genre of The Infernal Sea's music before hearing so much as a note.

Hailing from East Anglia, UK, this black-metal quartet have made their aesthetic as much a part of their overall appeal as their diabolically heavy tunes, donning black robes and a combination of rune-inscribed and plague doctor-style facemasks. 

But the costumes are no gimmick – these guys possess musical ability in bountiful supply. A cursory listen to Negotium Crucis – the band's second full-length – is enough to prove that.

Take Befallen Order, for example. Guitarist Jonathan Egmore perfectly blends melody with brutality, deploying a clutch of rapid-fire riffs over a savage blastbeat backdrop.

He joins us today, attired in his full plague doctor getup – very apt for the times, we know – to play through the track in full.

While he plays a Gibson Explorer on the album version of the track, this time he wields an ESP LTD EC-Black Metal electric guitar fitted with Ernie Ball Power Slinky strings.

Sam is a Staff Writer at Guitar World, also creating content for Total Guitar, Guitarist and Guitar Player. He has well over 15 years of guitar playing under his belt, as well as a degree in Music Technology (Mixing and Mastering). He's a metalhead through and through, but has a thorough appreciation for all genres of music. In his spare time, Sam creates point-of-view guitar lesson videos on YouTube under the name Sightline Guitar.