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Keeley Electronics hits the sweet spot with new Johnny Hiland Super Drive Overdrive

Keeley Electronics has introduced the Sweet Spot Johnny Hiland Super Drive Overdrive, a new limited-edition overdrive pedal designed for country picker Johnny Hiland.

The Sweet Spot boasts a JFET discrete transistor input and simple three-knob (drive, level, tone) control set.

There’s also a two-way gain toggle switch that allows the user to access everything from light pre-amp clipping to searing power-tube breakup.

(Image credit: Keeley Electronics)

Says Hiland, "The left side is more for Tele-style guys who rip country to rock. Flip the switch to the right and you will find a continuation in gain.

"Any T-style Tele player would just love to have this on their 'board."

The Sweet Spot Johnny Hiland Super Drive Overdrive is available in a limited run of 100 pedals for $179.

For more information, head to Keeley.