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Kemper launches Fuzz Drive System with new Profiler OS update

Kemper Fuzz Drive System
(Image credit: Kemper Amps)

Kemper has announced its latest OS 8.2 update, which adds a Fuzz Drive System to the Profiler family’s already-formidable array of tones.

The Fuzz Drive System aims to capture every nuance and detail of classic fuzz tones, with Kemper citing Hendrix staples such as the Fuzz Face and Octavia, as well as a bevy of germanium and silicon-based designs.

The 8.2 update not only adds a host of presets for these new fuzzes, but also 340 permanent factory FX presets across all effect types.

Other tweaks include a new wattage meter for the Kemper Kone menu, as well as an extra output boost for use with external power amps.

Finally, new Studio Equalizer parameters for Steep Low and Steep High allow filters to be switched from first to second order, while gain controls are expanded to +/-18dB for extra tone-shaping capability.

Profiler OS 8.2 is available now as a free download for Kemper users. For more information, head over to Kemper Amps.

Michael Astley-Brown

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