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Korn Unveil New Album Artwork

The cover artwork for Korn's new album, Korn III - Remember Who You Are, has officially been released. The CD is due on July 13 via Roadrunner Records, the band's first effort for their brand new label.

In order to tap into the chaos that made their self-titled debut a modern classic, the band enlisted the help of producer Ross Robinson—the man who helmed Korn and Life is Peachy.

"Ross helped us remember what we used to do this for," says Korn singer Jonathan Davis. "It was more psychological than anything. Ross was right there pushing me and he drove me insane. I sing about a lot of things that hit really close to my heart and he knew how to trigger that. I nearly fucking broke down at the end of almost every song, but I got it all out."

Korn's current lineup includes drummer Ray Luzier, who became Korn's touring drummer in late 2007 and was made an official member in 2009. Bassist Fieldy says, "Ray is like the missing Korn member we never had. He just fits so well. When we found him, it just clicked because his playing sounds like Korn. He plays with me, and the way that he plays is exactly what I needed. We know what we're doing on stage with each other, and everybody's on the same page. I've waited my whole career for Korn to sound like we do now."

Korn III - Remember Who You Are track listing:

  • 1. Oildale (Leave Me Alone)
  • 2. Pop A Pill
  • 3. Fear Is A Place To Live
  • 4. Move On
  • 5. Lead The Parade
  • 6. Let The Guilt Go
  • 7. The Past
  • 8. Never Around
  • 9. Are You Ready To Live?
  • 10. Holding All These Lies