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LunaStone's new Deep Metal distortion pedal “vaporizes poor guitar tone”

LunaStone Deep Metal
(Image credit: LunaStone)

Danish pedal purveyor LunaStone has launched a new distortion pedal, the Deep Metal. 

A “scooped distortion tailored specifically for providing powerful and classic metal tones,” the Deep Metal boasts all-analog circuitry housed within a compact chassis.

In contrast to the company's transparent overdrive pedals, the Deep Metal is said to be more forgiving – to the point that it can “enhance the overall sound of mediocre pickups”.

Notably, its three-knob control layout – which consists of a Volume, Tone and Gain – is placed in a diagonal line. This is, as the company says, not only because it “looks killer”, but also “because we know that sometimes a quick tweak is needed mid-song.” 

Hence, the design allows players to adjust the Volume and Gain knobs on the fly with their foot. This configuration can also be found on two other LunaStone pedals: the Blue Drive and Dynamic Delay.

“It was important to me to make Deep Metal sound huge, but at the same time be able to sound great even on smaller guitar rigs,” says Steen Grøntved, Lunastone's founder and Head Engineer. 

“A classic problem when searching for that juicy metal tone on a combo is that you can push the woofer so hard that it is stretched to its limits – sometimes beyond, which ultimately results in a very poor guitar tone. That problem now vaporizes with Deep Metal on the pedalboard.”

The Deep Metal is available now for $159. For more information, head to LunaStone.

Sam Roche

Sam is a Staff Writer at Guitar World, also creating content for Total Guitar, Guitarist and Guitar Player. He has well over 15 years of guitar playing under his belt, as well as a degree in Music Technology (Mixing and Mastering). He's a metalhead through and through, but has a thorough appreciation for all genres of music. In his spare time, Sam creates point-of-view guitar lesson videos on YouTube under the name Sightline Guitar.