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Marilyn Manson Beats Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson in Creepiest Celebrity Poll

While people may not exactly find Marilyn Manson all that shocking in 2011, at least a whole lot of people still think he's creepy.

Reuters is reporting that a recent pre-Halloween poll conducted by E-Poll Market Research has named Marilyn Manson as the creepiest celebrity, followed closely by Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson in the 2 and 3 spots respectively.

According to Reuters, "E-Poll surveyed 1,100 people who ranked celebrities between 1 and 100, with the lowest scores highlighting celebrities that were more negatively portrayed and disliked. The 'Creepiest Celebrities' list is derived from the survey as voters selected 'creepy' from 46 attribute options for each celebrity."

You can read the full story here. The final list is as follows:

  • 1) Marilyn Manson..69 pct
  • 2) Casey Anthony...57 pct
  • 3) O.J. Simpson....56 pct
  • 4) Spencer Prat....49 pct
  • 5) Nadya Suleman...41 pct
  • 6) Charlie Sheen...34 pct (tie)
  • 6) Eliot Spitzer...34 pct (tie)
  • 8) Woody Allen.....31 pct
  • 8) Tim Burton......31 pct
  • 10) Jesse James.....30 pct