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Mark Holcomb tears through Periphery’s Sentient Glow in this beautifully shot playthrough

We’re calling it now: Mark Holcomb wins the award for ‘most socially distanced playthrough video of 2020’ with this blistering performance of Sentient Glow, which was shot on Seymour Duncan’s otherwise empty shop floor in Santa Barbara, CA, and plays host to some beautiful camera work and fret work alike.

In the video, Holcomb races through one of Periphery IV: HAIL STAN’s thrashier offerings, complete with ultra-tight palm-muted alternate picking, and a mean legato and tapping middle section. He plays his signature PRS through a Peavey 5150 II.

Seymour Duncan, of course, makes Holcomb’s Alpha/Omega pickups, which appear in his PRS, as well as his Dark Sun delay/reverb pedal.

You can buy or stream HAIL STAN - and purchase any of Holcomb’s gear - at