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Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich on the Band's 3D Movie: "Easier Said Than Done"

Last month, Metallica confirmed the rumors that they had a 3D film in the works, and were aiming for a 2013 release.

"Yes, there is indeed a 3D project in the very early stages of production," said the band in an official statement. "We wish we could tell you more right now, but we don't have all the finer points nailed down just yet. What we can tell you is that we are planning on being in a theatre near you sometime in 2013 and as you hear us say ever so often, this will be the space for all the details as we finalize them."

In a new interview with the Pulse of the Radio, drummer Lars Ulrich said the endeavor hasn't been an easy one.

"Getting your own 3D movie off the ground is easier said than done," Ulrich said, "but we're doing our best and we have a window for that later in the year that we're hoping to still make happen. We just want to make sure that we don't throw ourselves out into something that gets so completely overwhelming that the whole thing just blows up in our face."

While it's been assumed that the film is to be a straight concert movie, Ulrich told Rolling Stone recently that it might be something a bit different.

"Imagine if you took The Song Remains The Same," he said, "which is 75 percent concert, 25 percent other stuff, and flipped it around. And all the non-concert footage, instead of being about the band members, is a story that unfolds, set against the backdrop of the concert."

Possibly pushing back work on the movie is Metallica's latest project, the Orion Music + More Festival, which is set to on June 23 and 24 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. You can view the current festival lineup here.