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Metallica to Release 'Beyond Magnetic' on Silver Vinyl for Record Store Day

Metallica have announced the release of their Beyond Magnetic EP as a limited-edition silver vinyl pressing exclusively for Record Store Day.

The EP -- which features four previously unreleased tracks from the Death Magnetic sessions -- has already seen a digital and CD release.

A statement on the band's official website reads: "First it was digital, then it was compact disc, now the Beyond Magnetic EP will be available on vinyl to celebrate Record Store Day on April 21, 2012.

"We’ve always been big supporters of our friends at independent retail and the annual event the third Saturday of each April... we even helped kick off the first year in 2008 with an in-store appearance at one of our hometown stores! To add to the fun, this is no ordinary black vinyl release, but instead will be on silver vinyl with an exclusive Metallica sticker included in the package. Look for the EP on the special Saturday release date at your favorite local record store and on"

As for new Metallica music, Lars Ulrich recently told Spin that the band would be recording "very soon." For more info, head here.