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MidValley's Lo-Fi Giant conjures massive fuzz tones

(Image credit: courtesy of MidValley FX)

MidValley FX has graced us in the past with wild dirt pedals like the Elevation Fuzz and the Double-Amp Distorter, and now the company has unveiled the Lo-Fi Giant, a high-gain fuzz that, just for kicks, also incorporates oscillating feedback into the circuit.

The pedal boasts controls for volume, fuzz, voltage and tone. Volume handles the pedal output while tone shapes the signal. 

Voltage and fuzz, meanwhile, work in conjunction to craft a variety of sounds.

Keep the former high and the latter low for more clarity and less feedback; turn up the fuzz and lower the voltage and be prepared for “sub-octave craziness.”

Or just crank everything and behold what MidValley refers to as a “sub-octave massive fuzz that almost gets swallowed in a lo-fi oscillating feedback, depending on how hard you strum.” Fun times.

The Lo Fi Giant is available for $130. For more information head to MidValley FX.