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Original Eagles Guitarist Bernie Leadon to Rejoin Band for History of the Eagles Tour

According to Eagles singer/drummer Don Henley, guitarist Bernie Leadon — an original member of the Eagles — will join the band on their upcoming History of the Eagles world tour.

It will mark the first time Leadon has played with the band since 1975.

Henley, speaking to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, also mentioned former Eagle Randy Meisner, who will not be featured on the tour due to health issues. He reportedly suffered a choking accident and lost consciousness while eating.

In a statement, Rusty Young, who plays in a band with Meisner, said: "Things are going to be a little rough for Randy for a while, but his doctors are optimistic he'll recover from this incident. If you can, say a little prayer or just send love Randy's way."

If you're wondering if former Eagle Don Felder will be a part of this tour, don't hold your breath. The relationship between Felder and the Eagles remains pretty lousy.

"I have great relationships with Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner," Felder told Guitar World last year. "I saw Randy about two months ago, and I just called Bernie on his birthday. Randy was a dear friend of mine during the Eagles and has remained so. Everybody else — Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Timothy B. Schmit and Joe Walsh … as much as I love Joe and think the world of him as a player and a person, we have little to no direct contact.

"Every time I communicate with them or try to reach out, the only return communication I get is from their attorney. It’s sad, but that’s the reality." To read the rest of this interview, step right this way.

There are rumors that this might be the Eagles' final major tour, but Henley estimates it'll take about two years to visit all the places they want to play.