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Paul Gilbert Talks About His Passion for Cooking

Paul Gilbert may be known for burning up the fretboard, but you likely won't find anything burning in this shredder's kitchen.

In a recent interview with Attention Deficit Delirium's Bryan Reesman, the Mr. Big guitarist opened up about his culinary obsession.

"I did take some cooking classes in high school. Boys weren’t really supposed to take them," Gilbert said. "I had to risk being made fun of. But I knew that I was going to move to Hollywood to go to guitar school. And I knew that my parents wouldn’t be there to cook for me, so I thought that I’d better learn how to do it myself."

When asked what tasty treat he would select for a food-themed guitar, Gilbert went with high-end seafood as his selection, with French cuisine not far behind. "A lobster might be good," he said, adding, "or maybe some French baguettes lined up."

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