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Rory Gallagher and Jerry Lee Lewis jam the Rolling Stones’ Satisfaction in previously unreleased recording

A previously unreleased recording of electric guitar great Rory Gallagher and Jerry Lee Lewis covering the Rolling Stones' Satisfaction has finally seen the light of day.

The track will be included in the double-CD and digital editions of the upcoming compilation The Best Of Rory Gallagher, due out October 9, as well as on a seven-inch single accompanying the comp.

Satisfaction was originally recorded by Gallagher and Lewis during the sessions for the latter’s 1973 album, The Session... Recorded In London With Great Artists. It features the Irish bluesman on vocals and guitar, with Lewis accompanying on piano and a few vocals of his own.

Donal Gallager, Rory's brother and manager, told Rolling Stone in an email that the suggestion for the tune came from Steve Rowland, producer of the Session album, who didn’t realize that Lewis wasn’t familiar with the Stones song.

“A bit bamboozled at the lyrics and a bit embarrassed at not really knowing of the song, Jerry’s paranoia kicked in and thought he was being ‘wound-up,’ ” Donal recalled. 

"Annoyance flashed on the Killer’s face, as his wild eyes scanned the studio, fixing on Rory. ‘I trust you boy. Without looking at anyone else but me, tell me truthfully, is there a song called Satisfaction? If so, you start teaching me.’ ”

The Best of Rory Gallagher features tracks from throughout the guitarist’s career, from his early days with band Taste to his final solo recording, 1990's Fresh Evidence.

The album is available for preorder now.