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The Routine Premiere New Song, "Black Tropics"

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Black Tropics," a new song by San Diego rock 'n’ soul band the Routine.

It's the title track from the band's new EP, which will be released February 26.

“Afro-centric, fresh and uplifting, 'Black Tropics' is a bright spot on our new EP, weaving American soul with African rhythm and tones," says the Routine guitarist Russell Ramo. "The song was built around my triplet-driven slap guitar riff over the E major pentatonic scale. Lyrically it is a social commentary on the struggle for free space to find one’s own identity."

The Routine defy categorization. While the band's first EP, Welcome, showed more of their rock side, Black Tropics boasts a funkier vibe while maintaining that rock influence. The result is a dynamic range of sound, taking the listener on a journey across the world, along the equator. A sonic melting pot of electric blues, soul and world styling, they're not simply a band—and they're anything but “routine.”

The EP was produced by Grammy winner Alan Sanderson (Rolling Stones, Elton John, Switchfoot).

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