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…Said No Guitarist Ever

Get ready, my string-pickin’ comrades. You’re about to step into a parallel universe where up is down, left is right and Lil Wayne is a guitar god.

You might become disoriented at the sheer lunacy of this place, but I urge you to take solace in the fact that this is only temporary.

The guitar players in this alternate reality prefer Squiers over Custom Shop Strats, use Pepsi to clean their fretboards and have never heard of Jimi Hendrix.

While the sights and sounds of this strange world are horrifying to us, its inhabitants are generally harmless. Just don’t let any of them work on your guitar, or it might end up being strung with six G strings and tuned to the key of H.

Tyler Larson is the founder of the guitar-centric website Music is Win. His entertaining guitar-related content receives hundreds of thousands of video views on Facebook per month, and his online guitar courses tout more than 1,500 students with a cumulative 4.7 rating on Udemy. Get in touch with Tyler on Facebook, watch more of his guitar lessons and vlogs on YouTube, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.