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Sick Of It All Tribute Record to Drop

April 24 will see the release of Our Impact Will be Felt, a tribute album to NYC hardcore legends Sick of It All. The album, from Abacus Recordings, will feature such bands as Unearth, Rise Against, Hatebreed, Sepultura and others paying respect to the band that’s been a fixture of New York hardcore for the past 20 years.

“Everything they do is an inspiration,” says Bleeding Through’s Brandan Schieppati. “They have been together during three different decades—not for the money, the glory, or the fame, but for the love and spirit of the music. There is no other band that has captured the true heart of hardcore like Sick of It All.”

“Sick of It All shaped the way I write songs, which is still present to this day,” says Rise Against’s Joe Principe. “It’s a complete honor to be a part of this tribute.”

The complete track listing for Our Impact Will be Felt is:

  • 1) Rise Against “Built To Last”
  • 2) Unearth “Clobberin Time/What’s Going On”
  • 3) Hatebreed “Ratpack”
  • 4) Madball “Give Respect”
  • 5) Bleeding Through “The Truth”
  • 6) Comeback Kid “Step Down”
  • 7) Ignite “Cease Fire”
  • 8) Bouncing Souls “Good Lookin’ Out”
  • 9) Pennywise “My Life”
  • 10) Kill Your Idols “Friends Like You”
  • 11) Sepultura “Scratch The Surface”
  • 12) Himsa “Maladjusted”
  • 13) Most Precious Blood “Alone”
  • 14) First Blood “Just Look Around”
  • 15) Stretch Arm Strong “Busted”
  • 16) Walls of Jericho “Us Vs. Them”
  • 17) Suicide Machines “Goatless”
  • 18) Bane “We Stand Alone”
  • 19) No Redeeming Social Value “World Full of Hate”
  • 20) Napalm Death “Who Sets the Rules”