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Singer Chuck Billy Talks About Testament's New Album, 'The Dark Roots of Earth'

While there is still no firm release date for Testament's forthcoming new album, The Dark Roots of Earth, vocalist Chuck Billy revealed in a new interview with Decibel that recording for the album has been finished, and it's now on to the mixing stages.

In the interview, Billy also gave a few details about some of the tracks fans can expect to hear on The Dark Roots of Earth.

"Well, there’s a song called 'Native Blood,' which is basically a song about my Native heritage," said Billy. "It’s almost like a protest song, that the Native Americans have a voice that needs to be heard—that’s the chorus of the song."

Other song titles revealed in the interview include "True American Hate," "Cold Embrace," and "Rise Up for War."

”'Rise Up for War' is more of a war song," added Billy, "like you're preparing yourself for war, going into battle. There is a lot of cool stuff there."

You can read the full interview here.