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SolidGoldFX takes flanger pedals to new extremes with the Oblivion Quad Flange

SolidGoldFX has introduced the Oblivion Quad Flange, boasting three modes and a whopping four individual offset modulating delay lines.

The flanger pedal’s three modes are Classic Thru-Zero, Bi Flange (a pair of modulating delay lines) and Quad Flange, which adds the four independent delay lines for “massive swooshing tsunamis of ominous textures.”

Each setting has a respective Degrade mode for conjuring lo-fi sounds reminiscent of ring mods or robotic overtones. 

(Image credit: SolidGoldFX)

There’s also a Blend control to adjust wet and dry mix, expression and CV capabilities, internal dip switches for additional variation and control and multi-function foot switch capabilities for tap tempo, speed ramping and LFO braking.

Other features include top-mounted jacks and soft touch-relay true bypass switching, and the pedal runs on 9V DC power.

The Oblivion is available for £245 ($TBC). For more information, head to SolidGoldFX.