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Steve Vai to talk guitars, music and “esoteric life principles” in two weekly Facebook Live series

(Image credit: Jordi Vidal/Redferns)

Steve Vai recently gave us a tour of his weirdest and wackiest guitars. Now, he is offering fans a journey into the deepest recesses of his mind, as the electric guitar wizard has announced the launch of two weekly Facebook Live question and answer sessions.

The first series, titled Alien Guitar Secrets Live: Music and You, will see Vai offer insights into the guitar, music, his career and the business. Additionally, he'll break down various songs from his catalog to show techniques and discuss writing, recording, publishing, promoting and touring. 

The second series, Under It All: Hard Questions, finds Vai engaging in “more esoteric life principles and topics where no question is off limits,” including “his observations surrounding life, the creative process, spirituality or the human condition.”

The two Facebook Live series will take place on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 12 PM PST.

Said Vai, “For the past three to five years I have been bouncing around in my mind the idea of launching these two webinars, but was waiting for an organic opportunity, and it seems the world lockdown situation was the right time.

“I had no idea of knowing how these would be received, but the moment I went live, within minutes there were thousands and thousands of people logged in and the comments were tremendously encouraging. It was quite the shocker to get this kind of response, and quite humbling at the same time.

“My goal in these webinars is not to talk about myself so much, but to answer people’s questions that I may be able to assist with an answer based on my own experience.”

For more information, head to Steve Vai’s official Facebook page.