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Strymon teases new pedal - could it be the successor to the BigSky?

Strymon new pedal teaser
(Image credit: Strymon/Twitter)

Strymon, ever masters of the social media stompbox tease, is hinting towards a new release on Thursday, September 17 – and all signs point towards a reverb pedal.

First, the company shared an image of a starry sky – as you’ll recall, Strymon’s superlative reverb pedals, the BigSky and BlueSky, both feature ‘sky’ in the name, grinding the rumor mill in that particular direction. Other theories point towards a space theme. Which, to us, also indicates reverb.

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This was followed by a shot of the new pedal’s enclosure, which looks to be distinctly BigSky-proportioned, with a quintet of jacks (inputs, outputs, expression, perhaps?). This was followed by a shot of the new pedal’s many, many LEDs.

The BigSky created something of a template for the reverb pedals that followed, so we’re intrigued to see what Strymon bring to the table this time. It could, perhaps, adopt a more vintage-voiced approach, as the Volante did for delay, when compared with the similarly proportioned TimeLine.

Of course, we could be completely and utterly wrong on all counts. We’ll find out when Strymon announces the new pedal on Facebook Live at 8pm PT on September 17.

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