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Ted Nugent Cleared by Secret Service

Boy, talk about headlines you never thought you'd have to write.

According to CNN, Ted Nugent has been absolved by the Secret Service after meeting with them yesterday to discuss some controversial remarks made by Nugent at the recent NRA conference in St. Louis.

In a video posted by the NRA to YouTube — which has since been removed — Nugent said, "If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year. If you can't go home and get everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil, America-hating administration, I don't even know what you're made out of."

Many took Nugent's remarks as a veiled threat against the president, and upon seeing the video, the Secret Service issued a statement to New York Magazine saying they would conduct an appropriate follow-up.

Now, all seems to be in order between the President's men and Uncle Ted.

"The meeting could not have gone better," Nugent said. "I thanked them for their service, we shook hands and went about our business. God bless the good federal agents wherever they may be."

According to the Motor City Madman, the meeting was a "good, solid, professional meeting concluding that I have never made any threats of violence toward anyone."

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