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ThinkGeek Introduces Playable Electronic Rock Guitar Messenger Bag

There's nothing more annoying than someone on an already crowded subway car blasting music from their headphones at such a volume that a girl at the other end of the car can't help but single along with every chorus of that one Black Eyed Peas song that's really bad (wait, that's all of them?)

That is until now. Meet the messenger bag with a built-in, playable electric guitar.

According to, "All you have to do is strum away while picking out chords on the fret board, and you can get your Nigel Tufnel on whenever the mood strikes. Your noodlings will be heard through the mini amp attached in the corner, which naturally cranks up to 11."

The Electronic Rock Guitar Bag will be available late next month for about $50 thanks to the fine folks at ThinkGeek. You can find out more information on the bag here.

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