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Tom Morello: "No Plans" for New Rage Against the Machine Music

Rumors and reissues do not a new album make.

Despite all the buzz surrounding the release of XX, the 20th anniversary edition of Rage Against the Machine's eponymous debut, guitarist Tom Morello maintains that there are no current plans for the band — live or otherwise.

"I don't know that there's much direction to go," Morello told Rolling Stone. "There's no plans, no current direction of anything, so I guess the answer is no. It was my great hope that we'd celebrate the 20th anniversary with a five-continent world tour. But short of that, this box set that celebrates the 20-year span of Rage Against the Machine is something that will hopefully be very satisfying for longtime Rage Against the Machine fans as well as turn on new fans to what the band is all about."

Even though fans had accepted that the prospect of a new album was dicey, many were still hopeful the band would plan a more extensive tour, as they've played only select dates since reconvening in 2007.

Asked why it was so hard to get a RATM tour together, Morello said, "We'd have to agree to go on one. Once a year, the band meets and very seriously discusses and turns down awesome offers to tour the world."

Asked if last year's L.A. Rising show might have been the band's latest, Morello only laughed and said, "Every show we've ever played might've been the last."

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Josh Hart

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