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Tool Guitarist: "Would You Rather Get Something Mediocre Now or Something Impressive Later?"

Patience may be a virtue, but after more than six years since their last proper release, Tool fans are getting a bit antsy for new material.

Hearing the pleas of the masses, guitarist Adam Jones took to Facebook late last night to answer some of the more over-zealous Tool fans who are "demanding" a new album sooner rather than later.

"To those of you who demand a new album from Tool: would you rather get something mediocre now, or something impressive later?," he wrote. "Truth is, we don't write for you, we write for us. But we don't share for us, we share for you."

And there you have it, Tool fans. You'll have to wait longer, but it'll all be worth it. In the meantime, let's revisit an underrated Tool classic: