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Trivium’s Matt Heafy jumps into the sea shanty waters with none-more-metal cover of The Wellerman

We’ve followed the Tik Tok sea shanty challenge closely here at Guitar World, reporting on versions by the likes of social media shredhead Andre Antunes and even Queen legend and greatest rock guitarist of all time Brian May.

Now the tune at the center of the viral phenomenon, the 19th century sea shanty The Wellerman, has been tackled by Trivium singer and guitarist Matt Heafy.

And because Heafy always does it extra, he has released a three-track Wellerman bundle, featuring three versions of the whaling song with guest vocals from Livia Zita.

The bundle is available on all streaming platforms in standard, folk and a cappella versions.

Said Heafy, "I didn't pick Wellerman as a cover to do something 'viral.’ It was one of those songs – when you hear it, it sounds like something Matt Heafy would cover. It was suggested by a close pal who thought exactly that."

To listen to Heafy’s Wellerman, head here.