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Video: Death Angel Post Tour Blog from Anthrax/Testament Tour

While tour blogs are often forgettable collages of bands in a van passing through drive-thrus -- "OMG, they eat at McDonald's just like me!" -- this latest video blog from the road by Death Angel is really a testament (no pun intended) to the work that went in to allowing that tour to continue.

If you were not aware by now, Scott Ian was knocked off the tour for two nights due to a severe viral infection that left him briefly hospitalized and unable to fly. Right around the same time, drummer Charlie Benante was forced to leave the tour to be with his mother, who is terminally ill.

Members of Death Angel and Testament touring drummer Gene Hoglan stepped up to the plate to make sure the tour continued, and you can watch the story of how events unfolded in the tour blog below.

Anthrax lead guitarist Rob Caggiano expressed his gratitude toward his tour mates, saying, "We didn't want to cancel any of the concerts, we didn't want to let anyone down, so we decided to figure out a way to keep the show on the road. We're so grateful to the guys in Testament and Death Angel for stepping up."