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Video: Dream Theater Release Latest In-Studio Update: "We Really Wanted to Top the Last Album"

Dream Theater have posted another behind-the-scenes, in-the-studio video, giving fans some new details about the band's upcoming album.

"We went in with this mindset that we really wanted to top the last one," says John Petrucci as the video kicks off. "That's always our mindset ... 'How can we take things to the next level?'."

In past "in the studio" videos (all of which you can see below), Petrucci has said the album will feature a central, 20-minute piece. "We haven't had a piece like that in a while and that is definitely the centerpiece of the album," he added.

The album, dubbed Dream Theater, will be released September 24 via Roadrunner Records. The band will kick off a European tour in early 2014, followed by a US tour in March.

Check out all four "in the studio" videos by the band. Note that the newest video tops the list: