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Video: Jeff Beck and Mick Jagger Perform Election-Themed Blues on 'Saturday Night Live'

Mick Jagger hosted the May 19 edition of NBC's Saturday Night Live, which happened to be the show's season finale and the final appearance of longtime cast member Kristen Wiig (Gilly, Penelope, Kat and a million other characters).

Besides his hosting duties, Jagger was one of the show's many musical guests, and he performed three times on the episode. He sang the early Rolling Stones hit "The Last Time" with Canada's Arcade Fire and fronted Foo Fighters on a medley of the Stones' "19th Nervous Breakdown" and "It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It)."

Check out a video of Jagger performing with the Foos right here.

For his final tune, he debuted a new composition, a U.S.-election-themed slow blues in A, which he performed with Jeff Beck and Beck's former bassist Tal Wilkenfeld (Here's hoping she's back in Beck's band).

"In any era, the blues talked about what's on people's minds," said Jagger before diving into the song, which featured a minor jab at GOP candidate Mitt Romney (“Don’t ever let him cut your hair”) and the word “shit,” which, according to the Los Angeles Times, was bleeped out on a few NBC affiliate broadcasts.

Here it is, courtesy of