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VS Audio packs two vintage-style amp sounds into one stompbox with the Blackbird Overdrive pedal

VS Audio Blackbird Overdrive
(Image credit: VS Audio)

VS Audio has debuted the Blackbird Overdrive pedal – a versatile offering which seeks to reproduce and deliver two vintage-inspired, Fender-style amp tones in one pedalboard-friendly unit.

Described by the brand as “the first-ever pedal that succeeds in generating Brownface/Blackface-style tones," the Blackbird is also said to be “more than just an overdrive” that can also function as a true preamp.

Inspired by the sonic character of famed Fender amps such as the Twin Reverb and Deluxe, the new offering comes equipped with two voices dubbed by the effects pedal specialist as Blackface ‘65 and Brownface ‘63.

Each amp iteration can be selected via one of two toggle switches, with the Era switch working alongside an additional Gain selector, which distinguishes between either added compression or gain for increased sonic options.

VS Audio Blackbird Overdrive

(Image credit: VS Audio)

In action, VS Audio describes the Blackface ‘65 as having a glassy tonal character, while the Brownface ‘63 is said to serve up a fatter sound with a more pronounced mid range.

Other tone-sculpting controls include Tone, Volume and Drive, with silent switching and an all-analog signal path promising to deliver everything from a clean, delicate bite to high-gain overdrives.

As an added extra, the Blackbird also gives users the option to switch between 9V or 18V for additional headroom, if desired.

The VS Audio Blackbird Overdrive is available now for $216.

Head over to VS Audio for more information.