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Watch a Guitar Get Made From Scratch in This Hour-Long Documentary

Ever taken a look at a handmade, luthier-crafted guitar and wondered how such a complex instrument could be made from scratch? If so, then we've got the video for you!

Shot by Stereokroma at luthier Michael Greenfield's workshop in Montreal over the course of five months, this hour-long documentary shows—in remarkable detail—the process of crafting an acoustic guitar. You get a front-row seat as slices of spruce, ebony and mahogany are transformed into beautiful guitars.

For those who love guitars, woodworking, or both, this is pretty hard to beat.

For those keeping track, this particular guitar, according to Stereokroma, features Florentine cutaways with spalted beech rosettes, violin-style body purflings and simple decorative purflings along edges, Laskin style arm rests and rib rests, among other features.

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