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Watch Aaron Lee Tasjan's Live "The Truth Is So Hard to Believe" at Nashville's Trace Horse Studio

Today, Guitar World is premiering a live performance of singer-songwriter and guitarist Aaron Lee Tasjan’s “The Truth Is So Hard to Believe,” filmed at Trace Horse Studio in Nashville. The psychedelia-laced, rootsy pop-rocker comes off Tasjan’s recently released album, Karma for Cheap.

Tasjan told Guitar World about the song: "The lyrics are about the truths and untruths we tell ourselves. Living in your own mind can be dangerous and deceptive. It can definitely create challenges when it comes to distinguishing truth and reality.”

Regarding the live-to-two-track rendition at Trace Horse Studio, he says, “This particular performance is symbolic of the previously mentioned lyrical concepts. The animal masks surrounding us representing the negative self-concepts that can bloom within the mind. The jacket I'm wearing represents how we are all animals. Plus, it looks great with boots and sunglasses."

For more information on Tasjan, as well as all upcoming tour dates, check out his official website.