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Watch this cat write an actually-pretty-decent bass solo on piano

Jeffin Rodegheri
(Image credit: Jeffin Rodegheri)

Ever seen a video of a cat using a piano to write an actually-pretty-decent bass solo? No? Well, there’s a fur-st time for everything.

In one of the most wholesome music-related videos currently doing the rounds on the internet, bass guitar player Jeffin Rodegheri has transformed the somewhat melodic piano-based ponderings of a ginger cat into a rad four-string solo.

Barney, the musically gifted cat in question, was clearly feline creative when he stepped up to the keys, and needed no invitation to use his naturally tuneful paws to curate a chromatically intriguing, tritone-infused piano solo.

His musings did not go unnoticed by Rodegheri, who wasted no time in reimagining Barney’s fur-midable melody into a technically challenging solo, suited to boot with some slaps and pinch harmonics – not that the tabby concerned himself with the mew-sic theory side of things.

"Tonight I saw a video of Barney playing his piano alone, and decided to accompany him on his theme," wrote Rodegheri.

It’s not the first time Barney has flexed his musical muscles – in fact, he has over 18,000 followers on his TikTok page, from which numerous musicians have taken inspiration from his effortless improvisations.