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Sitar Metal are the world’s first, well, sitar metal act

File under 'things you don’t see every day': Sitar Metal, a new band that plays just that.

The three-piece act bill themselves as the world's first (and only) sitar-fronted Indian classical-metal band, and for a taste of what this sounds like, check out the song When Time Stands Still, which features Rishabh Seen not only shredding - but also tapping - on a sitar.

Sitar Metal have been making waves in their home country, where they’ve even opened for Texas prog-pop instrumentalists Polyphia at gigs in Delhi and Bangalore.

If you like what you hear, the band will also be releasing a self-titled EP on October 1, which features tracks with rather metal-sounding titles like We Will Never Exist Again and It All Ends Here, Vol. 2.

For more information, head to Sitar Metal.

(Image credit: courtesy of Sitar Metal)