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Watch YouTube guitarist Rockloe lay down 10 easy solos every beginner should know

Not every guitar solo has to be a symphony of shred. Sometimes, just a few notes and a whole lot of melody will take you exactly where you need to go to achieve rock glory.

For just one example – or, make that, 10 examples – witness YouTube guitarist Rockloe’s new video demonstrating 10 easy, and also iconic, guitar solos from the likes of the Beatles, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queen, Eric Clapton and more.

In addition to exemplifying great songwriting, phrasing and note choice, they all have one other thing in common – great tone.

Fortunately for Rockloe, she’s able to nail all those iconic and diverse tones using just one amp – Positive Grid’s Spark.

The award-winning, game-changing amp, which we’ve called the “future of desktop amplification,” is available now for up to 20% off. 

Best budget guitar amps under $500: Positive Grid Spark

(Image credit: Positive Grid)

Of course, Spark isn’t just an amp – at least not in the conventional sense. The intelligent amplifier is loaded with amp models and effects, and can access more than 10,000 additional amp-and-effect presets via Positive Grid's online ToneCloud.

Which means that, like Rockloe, you can switch from Eric Clapton’s Strat-y Wonderful Tonight tones to Green Day’s punky Holiday sound, the Beatles’ clean and groovy Come Together tone to Nirvana’s ratty, grungy Smells Like Teen Spirit overdrive in seconds, and nail each one authentically and with ease.

Spark itself boasts 40 watts of power and two custom-designed speakers, and there’s also a three-band EQ (bass, mid, treble), mod, delay and reverb effects, tone starter preset programs, a built-in tuner, tap tempo and more.

Additionally, music can be imported from Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube, and Spark’s smart app will auto display the guitar chords in real time. And users can pick a tempo, play a riff or a chord progression or choose the genre they want and the amp will create a backing track with authentic bass and drum sounds to jam over.

That’s a whole lot of functionality – and also just the beginning of what Spark has to offer.

Awaken your sound with Positive Grid’s Spark amp and accompanying app. And for a limited time, take advantage of up to 20% off plus a free carrying bag with your purchase. This offer ends soon, so experience Spark now at Positive Grid.