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Yellowcake’s Psychotropia takes waveforms into new realms of weird

(Image credit: courtesy of Yellowcake)

Yellowcake has introduced the Psychotropia, a sample/hold filter that unlocks the door to some truly tweaked-out tones.

The pedal offers a trio of waveform modes—rising, falling and rising and falling—accessible via a three-way toggle, as well as a glide knob for adjusting the intensity of the waveform. 

There’s also a hi/low EQ cut that interacts with the sample and hold pattern, as well as a toggle for choosing either lin (hard-edge, square linear) or log (softer-edged logarithmic) waves.

Additionally, the pedal features tap tempo for on-the-fly rate adjustments and a resonance control for feedback oscillation.

The Psychotropia is available for $229. For more information or to purchase, head to Yellowcake.