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Zakk Wylde Shreds and Discusses Wylde Audio Guitars and Amps on 'That Metal Show' — Video

Inspired by this morning's post about Kirk Hammett and Michael Schenker's jam session on the April 18 edition of That Metal Show, we thought we'd share this clip of Zakk Wylde's recent visit to the VH1 show.

In the video, which you can check out below, Wylde plays one of his new Wylde Audio guitars through one of his new Wylde Audio amps.

Then, as part of Mark Strigl's "That Metal Gear" segment of the show, Wylde discusses his new company and gear in great detail. It turns out Wylde's company is not only building the amps—but he's also building the speakers and tubes that go inside the amps. To found out more, and to get a good look at Wylde's new gear, check out the video below.

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