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Zakk Wylde on What Guns N' Roses Would Have Sounded Like If He Had Joined

It's now a common piece of rock and roll lore that Zakk Wylde once auditioned to join Slash in Guns N' Roses in the mid '90s.

While the band ultimately decided that a two-lead-player approach wouldn't work, it's fun to think about what the band would have sounded like with those two sharing guitar duties -- and apparently Zakk agrees.

On what a Slash/Zakk Wylde combo in GNR would have sounded like, Zakk told “It sounded like the riffs I write and the way I write, mixed in with the way the guys write, you know what I mean. It would have been like, when I was jamming with Slash and all the guys, even if I’m in the band there’s only one guy that’s playing the solos to ‘November Rain,’ ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ and all those classic songs. I’m not going to do anything there. But the future stuff that we would have been writing, it would have been cool! Because I love Slash’s playing and I’m buddies with him. It would have been cool, but with those guys there was nothing happening, so we were jamming but it wasn’t going anywhere.”

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