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Video: Bracing on the Taylor 800 Series

For the redesign of the 800 Series, the bracing profiles and their placement were customized for each body shape to emphasize their inherent strengths and to complement the playing styles that might suit the shape.

The bracing for the back and sides of Grand Auditorium and Grand Concert models was also modified from a standard horizontal, ladder-style pattern to a slanted scheme to change the internal tension of the back.

Another refinement was the addition of side braces, which add rigidity to the sides and enhance the top and back movement.

With the reconfigured relationship between the top and back bracing, each shape generates a well-balanced tone whose differences are most noticeable in the midrange.

“The midrange is the friendly and flattering part of the guitar,” Andy Powers explains. “This sounds warmer across the board. In this case, you have this nice, cushy swell and long sustain, even with a delicate touch.”

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