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Guitar World: April 2013 Videos

These videos are bonus content related to the April 2013 issue of Guitar World. Check out this month's issue for full tabs, transcriptions and lessons.

Column Videos

In Deep: How to Expand Your Approach to Improvising by Playing on No More Than Three Strings
Metal For Life: Unlocking the Secrets of the Seven Fundamental Modes Favored by Randy Rhoads
All That Jazz: Learn to Burn — My Approach to Warming Up
Prog-Gnosis: Voicing Options — Devising Chord Voicings on the Eight-String Guitar
String Theory: Applying Breathtaking Arpeggio Sweeps to the "Autumn Leaves" Chord Progression
Talkin' Blues: Anatomy of a Classic Solo — Billy Butler and "Honky Tonk"
Hole Notes: The Killer Chord Moves and Blazing Bluegrass Lines of Flatpicker Tony Rice

Gear Videos

Blackstar Amplification ID:100TVP Head
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro
Mesa/Boogie Tone-Burst, Grid Slammer, Flux-Drive and Throttle Box Pedals
Framus Diablo Progressive X Guitar
Schecter Hellraiser C VI BCH Baritone Guitar