Exclusive Premiere: "London's Burning" from The Clash's First-Ever Recording Session at Beaconsfield Film School, 1976



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While The Clash might have hit the "over rated" category in their final years, in their earlier heyday they were one of the most explosive bands there were! They flew in the faces of the over blown arena rock bands of the early to mid 70s (who considered themselves gods and placed themselves beyond the reach of their fans), helped create a raw and radical new take on rock and roll, and pulled it off without the aid of expensive equipment, massive props, outrageous skills, or bottomless financial backing. It was only after The Clash were signed and became the "next big thing" that they lost their way, floundered, crashed and burned...fame has a bad habit of killing off our heroes, figuratively and literally!

You have to consider the times and the excesses that were draining the soul out of rock when The Clash formed, when punk became a social and politically based movement and not just a Green Day/Blink 182 fueled fashion statement...when The Clash earned the tag "The Only Band That Matters", they truly WERE the only band that mattered!





Tight but loose

The Clash suck. They couldn't play their way off a playground.



Ha ha ha!!! The were one of the best bands out of the 70's. Your comment is so laughable; please go back to your KISS records!

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