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That Big ass Gibson he played on Yes Songs in 1973 was an L-5 with three PAF's He plays it on All good people and Roundabout. He makes it scream lol That damn guitar is bigger than he is!He is another genius that cant read sheet music. I'd hate to be his or Rick Wakemans roadie damn how much equipment do you need lol. All kidding aside he could hand almost all of the sixties and seventies guitarist their axes "pun intended" The only guitarist I would rank above him would be James Marshall Hendrix for his ability to sing and showmanship onstage. What is it with these 5ft nothing guitarist that can just flat kick ass? If memory serves me right Randy Rhoads was tiny too






These are the guitars and equipment he uses I got off the Yes web page 5 years ago. And as for his acoustic guitar I think it is his signature model he didn't use in these tours or the amps. I think he uses Line 6 now look at their web page for the amp type he uses they have a lot of artists who use them.

Steve's instruments for the Asia tour - Summer 2006:
Gibson ES-Artist
Line 6 Variax 700
Martin MC28 acoustic
Martin Mandolin
Dobro National
Line 6 Vetta II Amp

Yes 35th Anniversary Tour - Europe 2004

Fender Stratocaster
Fender Telecaster
Gibson ES175D
Gibson ES175D/SH
Gibson ES345
Gibson Les Paul / VG 88
Gibson Les Paul Junior
Gibson Chet Atkins
Martin 0018 SH
Martin MC 28
Martin Style C
Martin J12-65M
Kohno Model 10
Fender Dual Pro' Steel
Steinberger 12 String
Portuguese 12 string
Line 6 Variax

2 Fender Twin Reverbs (’65 reissues)

Boss mixer (six channels, four of them stereo)
Roland GP100 effects processor
Lexicon Reverb
Applied Acoustics preamp
Korg Toneworks tuner
Lexicon Jam Man
Korg A3 processor (with Steve Howe card)
Roland VG-88

Pedal board
3 Ernie Ball Volume pedals
Korg Multi-pedal
Electro Harmonix Big Muff
Danelectro Oh Daddy unit

Sound Projects Master Blasters (acoustic and special guitar sounds)



I too would love to know what guitar Mr. Howe is playing in the video.

As a guitarist, he is unbelievably inspiring to me... one of my true guitar "Gods".



The Martin OMC-16OGTE is the only one I could find that matches it in terms of appearance. In particular, it has the same cutaway, the same pickguard shape and the same white binding on the fingerboard. I think the ornate inlay around the sound hole is also the same. Check it out on Martin's site, or just cut and paste "Martin OMC-16OGTE" in Google and see what images come up.



Steve Howe is so creative. Just mind blowing watching him explain songs I've heard my whole life. Excellent video.



Absolutely amazing !!!



I love this video.

And thanks to the Guitar World staff for putting it back up there and to Mr. Howe for agreeing to show us some of his choicest trade secrets.

With respect to Mr. Howe, I must beg to differ with his statement that the "And You and I" intro is "based around G minor". It is based more around G major as the notes are G natural, F#, B natural, A natural, E natural, and D natural. G natural minor has a B flat and an E flat, and G harmonic minor has B flat, E flat and F#.

On thing that makes that intro so clever, beautiful and haunting is that Howe "suggests" the arpeggiated chords Gmaj7, Bmin7, Emin/add9, Amin7, and Dmaj/add9, but he plays only the roots and sevenths or the roots and the 9ths of each chord. This creates such a simple, beautiful, haunting sound as he is playing the "ghosts" of the chords with their guts (3rds, 5ths &c.) "removed". It plays tricks on the ear and on the brain.

Again, I love this video. It is the best instructional guitar video I have yet seen.

To the guys in the Guitar World office: is that guitar a Martin OMC-16OGTE?

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