Greatest Rock Singers of All Time Readers Poll, Elite Eight: Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) Vs. Chris Cornell (Soundgarden)



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Ozzy always has a special place in my heart for who he is and what he's done, but Chris Cornell is one of the greatest vocalists ever in popular music. His range, power and versatility -- everything from throat-rending howl to hauntingly beautiful crooning -- place him up there at the very tip top of the mountain with only one or two others.



Well Said, my brother. That is exactly what I wanted to say in far fewer words.



Chris is King, should win this poll. Can't wait to see the Songbook tour next week!

A real dustup would be pitting Cornell against Ian Gillan, don't know who I would pick. Oh yeah, Ian wasn't deemed good enough to make the cut...


Darth Compton

Been thinking of this one since round one. One one hand, you have who is arguably the greatest showman in Rock (Ozzy), and on the other, you have natural raw vocal talent that's hard to ignore (Chris). Overall I prefer Ozzy's music...but that's more because he hooks up with gifted guitarists. I think Chris is the best vocalist of his generation, and rightfully competes with the best of'em. I vote Chris, but I could see why others would vote Ozzy.



This poll a joke. I respect Ozzy and his contribution to metal as we know it today, but he is a one-trick-pony. He is the perfect singer for Black Sabbath and his solo work, but he is NOT a great singer.
Cornell is a GREAT singer! Certainly among the very, very best of our time. He has shown that he can sing almost anything, and deliver it with pure passion. He has incredible technique and discipline, but never lets that get in the way of real heart and soul. Ozzy's whiney, nasal-toned voice (while prefect for Sabbath) can NEVER be compared to a true virtuoso like Cornell.

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