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Andy Aledort

There has always been a debate over Lonnie Mack's contributions to "LA Woman" and in my research over the years the Lonnie Mack theory had often been denied, stating that Robbie took the solo. It is true that you can hear Morrison say, "Do it, Lonnie, do it!" but here's what it sez on Wikipedia:

"Elektra guitarist Lonnie Mack joined in on bass. Morrison's shout of "Do it, Lonnie! Do it!" just before the guitar the solo is often misquoted as "Do it, Robby! Do it!" (Robby Krieger).

Mack had borrowed Krieger's guitar to develop some blues guitar lines. Mack also played the lead guitar solo on the track, but was only credited as bassist, so as to not embarrass Krieger. Krieger copied some of Mack's lines in later takes. It is unknown which take of "Roadhouse" made the final cut."
So, to be fair, it is unclear who actually took the solo....



Thanks for the clarification. I was going on several other bios on the Doors etc. and had read the Wikipedia post (which is not the final word by any means). Keep up the great work!



Andy's lesson are great but I am disappointed he missed the mark on the history of Roadhouse Blues. Morrison say's "Go Lonnie, Go!" referring to legendary Texas blues guitarist Lonnie Mack - not Robby. So crediting the wrong person for the solo is errant in this case.



Lonnie Mack plays bass and not guitar, so it's Robbie's solo...



Andy's lessons are always a pleasure -- watch and learn!

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