Interview: Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork Talk Monkees Summer Tour, 'Headquarters' and What They Learned from Jimi Hendrix



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Nesmith is always so self-deprecating about his playing ability, He's certainly not Jeff Beck or John Jorgenson level, but he is much better than he gives himself credit for. Saw his solo show in April, he had a Martin Grand J12-40E. What a sweet sounding guitar.

As far as Justus, Dolenz and Tork sound like the Sales brothers



It's interesting how perceptions change over the decades. Even though he says now he wasn't, Mike Nesmith most certainly was negative about the Monkees in the years following their breakup. He was quoted as saying the group "had nothing whatsoever to do with rock and roll." As time has passed, he's obviously mellowed in his observations and memories of the experiences he had with the band.



How can nobody have commented about this so far? Or is this another form of ageism where only May, Clapton or Page are mentioned. That doesn't really surprise me, it's just disappointing. Buck Dharma, one of the greatest still alive rarely gets a mention and he casually makes the best live music like it takes no effort. My main point is, they created great and fun music that brings my childhood back to life. So, you weren't there, it doesn't make it non-relevant and if you claim to be musicians, all music should matter to you. Just sayin'. It's just a shame gold record sellers get dismissed just because they had a show and didn't come up in the same garage as kids. Think supergroups are different? Maybe we can all say Dave Navarro together.



Damaged262: Thank you for caring and commenting!



Happy to add my voice, I can't help but stand up for the "underdog" so to speak and I had just watched Buck Dharma on That Metal Show and the hosts obviously didn't understand the history of BOC, they'll be getting an earful from me about that as well. It's like the 60's-70's didn't exist unless you're talking about Sabbath, Zep, Cream and 4 or 5 other bands. That's just a shame and a loss for those that didn't get to hear much of that stuff. Not at all saying that's when I came of age because it isn't, but my ears were open to many great artists from an early age. The Monkeys deserve more respect than they ever have been given. But, as with most bands, the general public is only aware of what was put on the air and not the breadth of their work. I think that, sure, TV brought them together, but it also gave them a lack of credibility that, at least in my eyes, isn't deserved. If they come to my town, I'd drop some bucks to see them. Right now, shred may be king, but it's not the only thing.

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