Man of Steel with Steel Panther's Satchel: The Benefits of Simplicity, and How to Play “Community Property”



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this guy and his band are unbelievably boring at best.
you totally made a complete ass of yourself nut sack
or satchel sack when you did the rig rundown video for
Premier Guitar mag. you pretty much wasted every ones time who watched the video.



Wow! That is hilarious! Great sense of humor and fun.

Can anyone tell me what type of equipment he might be using to get that guitar tone?

I am not sure whether I would rather have a sense of humor like that or be able to play as well as him.



I kind of stopped being able to concentrate on anything else after I read your statement, "For example, I want all of my girlfriends to only have one vagina." This raises so many questions for me that I don't even know where to begin!?! I didn't even realize that there was a "more than one" option! Kind of like I've been ordering on the menu for my entire life, like a fool! Which raises the question, if there's chicks out there with multiple vages, why on earth would you want to settle for one? Also, how do you navigate using more than one? Like would the chick think you were cheating if you used their "other" vag(es)? And where do you find these women? Is it rude to ask them about this up front? Geez, I knew that rockstars hooked up with exotic chicks, but this is a whole (pardon the expression) other world that I didn't even know about! Guess I should really work on this lesson if I want to meet these "bowling ball" hotties!!



So, because he's thanking everybody at the end of part 2, does this mean he's not doing any more columns? That would be a real disappointment, since Satchel is by far the most entertaining guy doing videos for Guitar World.



Um.... Where is part one and two? There is nothing there

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