Mary Ford and Les Paul's 1961 Gibson SG Sells for $90K on "Pawn Stars"



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This historic guitar is in fact up for sale.
The current owner of this guitar is a customer of mine. He purchased it from Pawn Stars and has contacted me to broker a sale. The guitar has been appraised at between 150k - 250k.
I can be reached via our website at
Serious inquiries only please.
I will arrange a meeting between the seller and prospective buyer.
Thank you.
Brian Oddi
Groton Guitars



If I was Rick Harrison I'd somehow get a hold of Jeff Beck and see if he might be interested in buying it and perhaps even working some sort of guitar trade for one of his guitars...


The best part of this segment was the local expert Rick uses came in and you could tell he was visibly over whelmed, and when they showed him playing it, you could tell he was in Guitarist Heaven. I'll bet they will find a buyer for that guitar in short order, what a package that was, especially with the supporting documentation, that the other expert said was worth some bucks on it's own. The nephew must have been desperate for dough, to let this piece of history go. Hope it finds a great home.

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