NYC Rescue Worker and Fender Unveil Custom Stratocasters Dedicated to 9/11’s Fallen Responders



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I dont think they are "stunning"...quite ugly actually. Maybe Fender can do Auschwitz and Titanic guitars next. Shameful.


troll buster

Back in you're hole troll...This site is not for kids living in there moms basement. This is a beautiful tribute to the fallen lost responders. Were you on the pile? If not you don't exhist in my world. Take a hike before you get youre self in trouble. This is not a game. My city was destroyed. Many friends were lost. There are a lot of feelings involved. I will take 9/11 to a early grave. This tribute is to our heros. FDNY,NYPD,PAPD. I suppose you think the 9/11 memorial and meuseum is a farce also. I also suppose you think the Auschwitz meuseum and Pearl Harbour meuseum is a farce also. We don't pray to the same God. I also suppose you don't like the flag on the guitar.I have never heard any thing so un American. Remember Never Forget.

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